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Gregory Chapkis Sr.


In 2010 he turned 80-years old Gregory Chapkis is Greg Chapkis' father.  He is the most famous, most highly celebrated dancer in the Ukraine.  He danced for 27 years in professional Ukrainian National Ensemble.  He's performed around the world representing the Ukraine.  Even today, his unique and amazing dance style is recognized and remains unachievable by other, much younger dancers.  At the age of 50 he changed his style of dance from folk dance to International Ballroom.  Today he is a judge of the European 

Dancing with the Stars.

Lilia Chapkis

Lilia Chapkis is Greg Chapkis' half-sister.   In Kiev she was a Prima Ballerina in the Opera. She currently resides near Florence in Arezzo, where she has opened a Dance Complex.  There she is the owner and director of Chapkis Dance.

Come visit her here.

We invite you to visit 

his website here


Watch Lilia Dance



Anna Safroncik

Lilia's daughter and Greg Chapkis' 

niece,  is a famous Italian Actress

Visit her website here.


Nikoli Chapkis

He's starting young (1 1/2 years old) but what do you expect from this family?  Here he is in his father's dance 

performance shoes.

Greg & Nikoli Collaborate

 on YouTube - 2009.

Nikoli Dances 2010



Dance Unlimited       510 Georgia St.       Vallejo, CA  94590         707 694-7401        danceunlimited1@sbcglobal.net           Also  Visit Chapkis Dance  at:   www.chapkisdance.net