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    Natasha Clarke






Natasha comes from a family of dancers. She earned her Masters Degree between the Ukraine Institute of Culture and the Kiev College of Culture and Education, in Kiev, Ukraine. She received her Degree with honors, as head of Choreography and Dance Instruction.
Natasha has been a World Class Competition Dancer and Coach of International Style Ballroom Dancing for 30 years. Her dance styles include: International
Ballroom Dance (Olympic Event), Social Ballroom Dance, Swing, all Latin Dances, Ballet, Jazz, Folkloric Dances from Around the World, and Sport Dance.    

Natasha is Dance Unlimited Artistic Director and Head of the Ballroom Department, and we are proud to have her as our Instructor and Choreographer  for Ballroom, Latin and Swing.  

Natasha's amazing style and enthusiasm will surely inspire you.




Dance Unlimited       510 Georgia St.       Vallejo, CA  94590         707 694-7401        danceunlimited1@sbcglobal.net           Also  Visit Chapkis Dance  at:   www.chapkisdance.net